Frequently Asked Questions

Yellow Bus Decals FAQ

Everyone has a Frequently asked question page, and we do get asked questions, so we put one together too.

Our School Bus requires a special decal. Can you make it for us?
Specialty Decals

As long as your decal is printed, cut, is of common School Bus graphics material, and goes on a School Bus, we can make it for you. Simply contact us, we charge no set up fees and if the requested decal becomes a popular request, we will add it to our store.


Our State has laws specific to decals and lettering such as size, colors, and materials. Do your products meet our standards?
Specific Requirements for School Bus decals

The School Bus decals and lettering we carry meet requirements in materials and lettering sizes for FMVSS and most states, , please look at details and descriptions of the product ordered to verify that it meets your needs. We have found that there are a few exceptions.

If you have specific size requirements for your School Bus lettering, let us know what they are and we will gladly accommodate your request.

Our School Bus uses a special typeface for the lettering, can you duplicate it?
Special Typefaces and Fonts

Most School Buses use a couple of common Federal Highway typefaces for beltline lettering and unit numbers, and we carry these styles in our store. We also have hundreds of other typefaces and fonts we can also use if so requested. Since there are so many possibilities, we ask that you provide us with pictures and a few other pieces of information.

Once we have your custom request on file we will be able to provide you with your district-specific  lettering for future orders.

Please contact us for your custom lettering requests.

Oh, and there is no extra charge for your custom lettering.

What is the turn-around time for orders to be shipped once the order is placed?
Product availability for shipping

We understand how important it is to have your School Bus ready for the road. We know that there are times that a bus simply isn’t going to be on the road picking up students without proper identification. That is why we strive to have orders fulfilled as soon as possible, most shipped within hours of ordering. For most orders, you can expect your product to ship within 24 hours of order being placed. The exceptions to this, are large quantities and custom orders . Still, with our production methods, custom and large quantity orders move very quickly to shipment.

How are your products shipped?
Shipping Methods

We use UPS , USPS and FedEx for our shipping needs. There are multiple shipping options available at check out. The shipping prices and delivery times are based on UPS and USPS, as we are directly linked into their system. Although we will make every effort to have your product ready for shipment, delivery is ultimately contingent on the carriers terms and conditions. More about our shipping methods and policies can be found here

Do you know or have the laws and regulations regarding School Bus decals, lettering, and reflective materials applicable to my State or Jurisdiction?
School Bus Laws Regarding Decals, lettering, and Reflectorized Materials.

We have on file, laws and regulations for school bus marking throughout the United States.  Our reflective materials and our Vinyls meet all FMVSS Standards.

What is Yellow Bus Decals warranty policy?
Our Warranty Policy

Our decals are manufactured using high quality vinyls and durable inks. Our warranty and return policy can be found here

We would like to set up a an account, such as a net 30 account. Is this possible?
Net 30, or other Account

Sorry, at this time we are not taking any Trade Credit accounts.