About Yellow Bus Decals

Who we are 


Yellow Bus Decals’ founders come directly from the sign industry. Having over 20 years of sign manufacturing, design, and installation experience.

In the mid-1990s, much of our work involved sign painting. Environmental and Wayfind graphics would be painted in Schools and Universities. Many types of street, and highway signage, as well. It was around 1997 when schools and other student transportation carriers began to request our services for school buses they wanted painted lettering for.

Fast forward to today. We don’t have as many requests for painted lettering since vinyl took over. But since that first school bus, we have lettered thousands of school buses throughout California and Hawaii. And we have supplied hundreds of thousands of decals to contractors and schools throughout the United States.

Our products are tested. Our materials are tested. Our process is tested. And everywhere we can find improvement, we make it because Yellow Bus Decals is not just a company that makes decals. We’re a company that installs the decals that we make.


Problem Solving

Not all school buses are created equal. From lettering sizes that will fit to local legal decal specifications, we can solve it.

Top Quality

We actually install the decals we make. This means you get the product an installer would prefer, and not what a “Parts Seller” just wants to sell you.


We’ve installed thousands of decals, and have always looked at ways of improving products we see need improving.
Our materials, design, production methods are always superior to what is commonly used and considered industry standard.